cvrt2wbmp wbmp image convertor  
CVRT2WBMP is a graphics tool for creating WAP enabled WBMP files
from any of your favorite images. It supports most popular image 


CVRT2WBMP screenshot

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Command line tool and ISAPI/NSAPI gateway is included. Also it is utility used to convert a image into plain text file (see figure and compare with original image)

Designed for Windows 95/98, NT 4.0/Windows 2000/XP.

Should you have any questions concerning this utility, please contact us.


What's new
1.2 Two new additional utilites provided- command line win32 console application; ISAPI/NSAPI web server gateway. Shell integration (file association) added. Now you can just select View with cvrt2wbmp command in Windows Explorer to open wbmp file. Small changes.
Download size is 998k. You can download from here,

fileforum and


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